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Exploring the world should be fun, rewarding, and adventurous.  However there are many logistical considerations that your focus can be consumed by planning and execution instead of fully experiencing the adventure.  A seasoned traveler knows the value in having someone who has been there before and has contingency plans for the backup plans is worth their weight in gold. Don’t let your trip of a lifetime be spoiled by the unforeseen.  Jeff has experience traveling across the globe with large groups, high profile individuals, corporate groups and training classes.

  • Planning – From picking a destination, dining, and gas fills; a solid plan gets everyone on the same page and prevents many unforeseen issues.
  • Execution – Flexibility and adaptability in the moment keeps spirits alive and maximizes participant satisfaction.  After safety and security, getting the mission accomplished is the priority of all of Jeff’s trips.
  • Security -– It’s all fun and games until something goes wrong.  Jeff’s military and public safety background ensures a high degree of safety which enables you to focus on the mission and have more fun!
  • Fun – Taking only memories and photos, while leaving only bubbles and a credit card trail is a mantra for the sustainable world traveler.  Jeff’s fun and engaging leadership doesn’t stop during your surface interval.
  • Educational – A good diver is always learning… so never let your skills get stale or leave your passion untapped.  Diver and instructor level courses at all levels are typically available and can be integrated into all trips.

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