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Lance Briner, PADI MSDT, Technical Instructor

Lance is a very active cave diver living in Gainesville, FL, the heart of Cave Country. When Lance is not taking photos or shooting video in underwater caves, he teaches math and statistics to University of Florida students. Some of Lance’s instructor credentials include:

  • Intro to Cave Instructor (NACD)
  • Technical Cave (IANTD)
  • TecRec Instructor (PADI)
  • Trimix Instructor (PADI)
  • Master Scuba Diver Trainer (PADI)
  • Dive Control Specialist Instructor (SSI)
  • Various specialties (PADI & SSI)

Lance is a GUE Tec and Cave diver. He subscribes to the Doing It Right (DIR) diving philosophy and encourages his friends and students to dive DIR, but he does not require it.