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Chris Langehaug

PADI Course Director, Tec Deep/Trimix Instructor Trainer, Rebreather Instructor

Chris has been diving since 1994. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah Chris routinely trains in Lake Mead (near Las Vegas) and in the Pacific off of Los Angeles and San Diego. There are several geothermic dive sites that provide year round training in Utah as well. When Chris isn’t teaching Sidemount or Technical Diving, he’s enjoying his rebreather and gaining more experience with other CCR units. Chris was trained directly under Jeff and follows Jeff’s training philosophies and principles.

  • Trimix Instructor Trainer
  • Sidemount & Tec Sidemount Instructor Trainer
  • Trimix/EANx Gas Blender Instructor Trainer
  • Rebreather Instructor
  • Diver Level Certifications:
    • Trimix Diver
    • Poseidon MKVI Rebreather Diver & Instructor
    • Hollis Explorer Rebreather Diver
    • VR Technology Sentinel Rebreather Diver
    • Full Cave Diver (NSS-CDS)
    • Diving Emergency Specialist (DAN)
    • Diving Emergency Management Provider (DAN)
  • Equipment Related Certifications:
    • VCI – Visual Cylinder Inspector (PSI-PCI)
    • OCCT – Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician (PSI-PCI)
    • VRT – Valve Repair Technician (PSI-PCI)
    • Hollis T.E.C.H. – Full Equipment Technician
    • Poseidon Equipment Technician including the MKVI Rebreather
  • Contact Information:

    Website: SLCScuba

    Cristian Maffione

    PADI Course Director #195901

    Cris is an instructor since 2005. He became Course Director and a Technical Diver in 2010 and he is from 2011 the Dressel Divers Club International’s Quality and Training Director for Mexico, Jamaica and Dominican Republic. He currently lives in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Cristian is also a promoter of environmental protection by supporting Project Aware, an association recognized worldwide for its efforts in safeguarding the planet. On February 28, 2010, he was the main promoter of the first true Macao Beach cleaning with more than 250 participants and with collaboration from Project Aware.

    • PADI Course Director
    • PADI Tec Deep Instructor
    • PADI Tec Side Mount Instructor
    • PADI Rec Side Mount Instructor Trainer
    • PADI Gas Blender
    • IANTD Full Cave Diver
    • IANTD Technical Deep Diver
    • EFR Instructor Trainer
    • PADI Specialty Instructor Trainer

    Contact Information:

    Website: Dressel Divers

    Lance Briner

    PADI Staff Instructor , Technical Instructor, NSS-CDS Cave Instructor

    Lance is a very active cave diver living in Gainesville, FL, the heart of Cave Country. When Lance is not taking photos or shooting video in underwater caves, he teaches math and statistics to University of Florida students. Some of Lance’s instructor credentials include:

    • Technical Instructor (IANTD)
    • Normoxic Trimix Instructor (IANTD)
    • Full Cave Instructor (NSS-CDS)
    • TecRec Instructor (PADI)
    • Trimix Instructor (PADI)
    • Staff Instructor (PADI)
    • Dive Control Specialist Instructor (SSI)
    • Various specialties (PADI & SSI)

    Lance is also a GUE Tec and Cave diver.

    Bobby Smallwood

    PADI MSDT #190912, DSAT Technical Trimix Instructor, SDI IT Staff Instructor #17874, TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor

    Bobby currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia and dives all over the Southeast and Caribbean. Bobby has been diving since early 1997 and instructing since early 2004.

    Bobby enjoys training new inexperienced divers to experienced technical divers. He especially enjoys deep Technical Trimix Dives, Wreck Diving, Cave Diving and low to no visibility artifact/shark tooth diving. Bobby is also trained and experienced in the use of full face mask with umbilical surface support and tending, as well as swift water river rescue/recovery diving.

    • SDI IT Staff Instructor (Numerous Specialties)
    • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (Numerous Specialties)
    • DSAT Tec Deep Instructor
    • DSAT Tec 40, 45, and 50 Instructor
    • DSAT Tec Trimix 65 Instructor
    • DSAT Tec Trimix Instructor
    • TDI Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures Instructor
    • TDI Extended Range Instructor
    • TDI Entry Level Trimix Instructor
    • TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor
    • PADI Sidemount Instructor Trainer
    • PADI Technical Sidemount Instructor Trainer
    • DSAT Trimix Gas Blender Instructor
    • TDI Advanced Gas Blender Instructor
    • SDI Solo Diver Instructor
    • Diver Level Certifications
      • TDI/SDI Sidemount Diver
      • SDI Full Face Mask Diver
      • NSS-CDS Full Cave Diver
      • IANTD Technical Cave Diver

    Contact Information:

    Website: South East Technical Scuba