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Whether you are a diver preparing for their next adventure, an instructor seeking to increase your course offerings, or a dive center interested in offering technical or professional level education I can provide the training you need. As a PADI and DSAT Course Director I can teach all of the technical classes from Tec 1 to Trimix along with all of the accompanying instructor level programs. I am also an NSS-CDS Cave diving Instructor and an IANTD trimix and cave instructor. While I am based in North Florida I frequently travel to other locations throughout the world teaching.

Cave Diving Instruction

The springs of Northern Florida harbor flooded caves of incredible beauty. These caves provide and extremely challenging environment requiring extensive training to safely explore. I provide all the training needed to explore these caves from Cavern Diver all the way to Full Cave Diver. For those who are already trained cave divers I teach the specialties of Sidemount, DPV Cave, Stage Cave, and DPV Cave. The training programs provided through the NSS-CDS and IANTD are difficult. However, completion of these classes will teach you to be a thinking diver and give you the tools to plan safe cave dives.

Technical Diving Instruction

Technical Diving encompasses numberous diving techniques including decompression diving, mixed gas diving such as trimix, or the use of enriched air (nitrox) blends with up to pure oxygen. Using these techniques can allow divers to safely reach depths below 130 FSW. Technical Diving can also allow you to extended no stop dives by switching to progressively richer blends of oxygen during the dive. These techniques can allow you to visit pristine wrecks, stay down longer to explore them.